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Impulse 30" Induction Cooktop [Deposit - Tier 1]

Impulse 30" Induction Cooktop [Deposit - Tier 1]

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With best-in-class features that blend power, precision, and a pain-free installation, the Impulse Cooktop is bringing next generation performance to your kitchen. Place your deposit today and join our mission to create an entirely new cooking experience while transitioning every home to 100% electric energy for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Reserve your cooktop today for expected shipment in Q4 2024.


  • Proprietary temperature sensing and first party induction technology in each 9” burner.
  • Peak performance of 10 kW - about 3 times current induction and 5 times high-end gas stoves.
  • Each heating element contains an LED ring for clear communication of the burner state.
  • Sleek, user friendly design and 12.8” LCD interface.
  • Four removable, magnetic knobs for ease of control and cleaning.
  • Integrated 3 kWh LFP battery provides unparalleled performance, back-up power to run the stove during outages, and load shifting for bill savings and clean energy use.

Price & Rebates

  • A $249 deposit today secures your Impulse Cooktop at the limited, discounted price of $5,499*, the remaining balance of $5,250* will be charged automatically prior to confirmed ship date.
  • The Impulse Cooktop is eligible for the 30% Residential Clean Energy Credit, reducing the total price to approximately $3,850* after refund. Customers are responsible for applying for credits. Eligibility for additional federal and state subsidies depends on household income and location, learn more in our FAQs.


  • Dimensions: 30” cooktop.
  • Performance: up to 10 kW with exact temperature control starting at room temperature.
  • Pan compatibility: works with induction-compatible pans.
  • Power requirements: 120V / 15A (NEMA 5-15P plug) or 240V circuit.
  • Battery: 3 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate.
  • Inverter: grid-tied, up to 2.2 kW, 220-250V 50-60 Hz AC.
  • Depth: fits in standard drop-in countertops (compatible with typical drawer clearance).

Shipping & Delivery

  • Products reserved through Tier 1 deposits or preorders will ship free in Q4 2024 unless otherwise messaged.
  • Exact delivery and ship date provided once shipment is confirmed.
*Quantities limited and pricing not inclusive of applicable duties, taxes, subsidies. Additional local incentives may apply.
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